Dance atracted me when I was eight years old,and is integral part of my life ever since.

I have spent all my youth dancing and learning through dance and I started to experience deep psychological and creative processes that were stimulated by dance, play, improvisation and exploration of expression through movement.

I became more interested in how movement and awareness are connected ,how movement patterns corespond to our developmental potential,how movement and dance can free and integrate our authentic,unique expression.

My path took me to Amsterdam. There I got in contact with ancient shamanic and spiritual practices that are working with human perception. There I met  Abbaji, mystic and spiritual guide and got introduced to Trancedental Humanism.  This experiance ( that is ongoing into present) is greately changing  and healing the way I percieve and understand myself , journey of my soul  and human processes of transformation and integration.  ( http://abbahji.org/about/)

I started exploring connection of dance, changed states of percepcion, meditation and healing arts,participating,assisting and creating shamanic healing ceremonies and celebration events.

During this time I created many workshops that were focused on awakening awareness through movement and exploring human perception.

My interest took me further to study Somatics;

Somatics is a field which employs holistic body-centered approaches to assist people in integrating and transforming self through movement and awareness practices intended to promote psycho-physical well-being.

The term is derived from the word “Somatic” (Greek “somatikos”, soma: “living, aware, bodily person”) which means, pertaining to the body, experienced and regulated from within. The concept of soma posits that neither body nor mind is separate from the other; both are part of a living process.”

I finished Profesional training as Somatic Movement Therapyst and Educator – Vocal Dance and Voice Movement Integration-with Patricia Bardi in Amsterdam .

Voice Movement Integration is an integrative somatic practice that combines voice, movement, touch and breath to stimulate and organize body’s physical, mental, emotional perceptions and awareness. http://www.patriciabardi.com

…and personal reflection on my experience …

We exist in the complexity of many levels.

Sense of presence in time is perceived as the presence in the body.

Body is a vehicle for manifestation.

All we want, feel, and think finds its way into the body and into the presence, weather we are aware of it or not. There, it has an influence and a consequence that feeds again our thinking, feeling, and creating.

In this way body becomes source of information about myself and my enviroment and a ground for transformation, healing and expression.

While searching for effortlessness in the way I move and stand I learned I need to accept all that is creating effort . Instead of changing from intention and my perceptions of what is right and wrong I need to step into the silence and stilness, listening to deep responses that are opening new, unused pathways of expression.

Efortlessness I recognise as a natural state of being.

With this expirience integrated I feel more able to recognise the principles of manifestation and to use this method in guiding awareness within my own perceptions as well to guide others through movement education and bodywork to expirience their own.

My mission is to bring authenticity and integration into manifestation/presence.

Currently I am working as Somatic Movement therapist/educator, offering guidance  and education for children and adults and providing movement guidance and Hands- on bodywork (Vital Movement Integration) for individuals.


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