Profesional training as Somatic Movement Therapyst and Educator – Vocal Dance and Voice Movement Integration-with Patricia Bardi in Amsterdam (2007-2013);

Voice Movement Integration is an integrative somatic practice that combines voice, movement, touch and breath to stimulate and organize body’s physical, mental, emotional perceptions and awareness.

Workshops related to dance and vocal improvisation, physical theatre, stiltswalking, circus arts, applyed anatomy in movement , authentic movement, shiatsu acupressure, chi gong, yoga , etc..(2000-2015)

Improvisation workshop with Andrea Gotovina,Amsterdam(2005)

Classical ballet training with maestro Guy Perkov (1998-2000),Studios Liberdance, Zagreb, Croatia

Modern, jazz and improvisation training with dance pedagogue and choreograph Mila Rackov

(1984-1998) ,Zagreb,Croatia


Founder, production and performing in Theater Tique – Children Puppet Theatre with Daphne Zandberg -(2012-2015), Ámsterdam;

Member of Teatro Pavana , professional street theatre company, Amsterdam ( 2002-2008); performing on many festivals and events in Europe and internationaly (Israel, Japan, India-coproductions with Bencha Theatre, Close act Theatre and many others);

Creation and performance -Marga-ritual performance , with Iva Supic-Jankovic, Zoran Dragicevic, Astrid Amelo ;Manifestatie beleef het verchil, Den Haag (2007)

Member of dance theatre within SEK (Student Experimental Theatre) in Zagreb under artistic guidance of Mila Rackov (1989-1998)

During this time we produced;”Mali Princ”(1989.,M. Rackov); “More” (1992. , M. Rackov); “Rendez-vouz” (1993 ., M. Rackov); Änno Domini 1994.”(1994. M. Rackov); “Hudodrakija”(1996. , M. Rackov, V. Zuppa, I.Savin, M.Žarak); “I isli su svu noć” (1997. , M. Rackov,V.Zuppa, M.Žarak, N.Frangeš)

SEK took part on many festivals with these performances ; “Šibenski festival djeteta”(1987. ,1988.), Šibenik,Croatia; “Where the children play”, Moskow, Russia (1991.); “Festival internazionale del teatro per ragazzi”, Italy (1993., 1994.); “Dialogforum 1996.”,Austrija (1996.);” Ïmaginary Academy”,Grožnjan, Croatia (1997.,2000.,2002.)and many other projects and workshops connected with dance,physical theatre,theatre.


Workshop “I and the Space”- for children 4-6 y/o, OCCI , Amsterdam (2015)

Educative program for children (4-6y/o) , working with integration of reflexes and developmental patterns ,VMI Center, Amsterdam (2014)

Workshop “From embodied presence to connected resonance”voice movement integration into authentic movement-with Lina Furhman; Amsterdam (2014)

Workshop “Perceptive body”-somatic practices, Apolon Centar , Zagreb (2013)

Workshop “Movement as memory of the body” with Cristina Benedita, Danslab Den Haag (2013)

and Volksroom, Brussels (2012)

Workshops in somatic movement,bodywork,vocal and movement improvisation,

; movement and puppets for children (2012 – 2015), Amsterdam

Instituut De Zon -Holistic education and therapy studies- ; guest docent teaching aplication of movement,dance and creativity in education and therapy of children (2002-2008);

Guest docent during specialisation in breath therapy-movement and breath integration(2010-2012), Utrecht, Nederlands

Workshop “Awareness through movement”, Zoetermeer ,Nederlands (2005/6)

Participation and teaching in programm “Use of dance in stimulating creativity”for a preschool children(5-7 years old), developed by Mila Rackov, Zagreb, Croatia(1995-1998)

I also offer therapeutic , holistic Hands- on bodywork-Vital Movement Integration.

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